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Evidence Primer #1 – Correlation, Causation, Coincidence

August 3, 2010

Since vaccines were first introduced, some people have been concerned about their safety. Most recent concerns in the UK have been around MMR and the HPV vaccines, with scare stories regularly featuring in the media. Often, these will feature parents who claim that their child became ill following a vaccine, blaming the vaccine for the illness.

Whilst in some very rare cases the vaccine may be responsible for the illness, in most cases it isn’t. The reason people claim there is a link is because of a fundamental misunderstanding of the concepts of Correlation, Causation and Coincidence. Read the rest of this entry »



August 3, 2010

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This website is designed to give you the facts about vaccines, and equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about whether to vaccinate your children. It’s easy to get bombarded with facts, figures and opinions, so the most useful tool available is the ability to interpret that information and come to the best conclusions. With that in mind, we introduce a series of “Evidence Primers” – key concepts that will allow you to decide what information is relevant, what isn’t and how to interpret it.